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10 Dec 2014 - INTERMAG’s KOKCIDIN – Innovation of the Year

KOKCIDIN – INTERMAG’s newest product – has been honoured with the title Innovation of the Year. The award was granted by representatives of Business Forum editorial office and the Department of Technical Sciences of the Polish Academy of Sciences.

The aim of the “Innovation of the Year” contest is to promote modern, unique and original solutions, products and services which are new or significantly modified, as well as innovative projects. Having its composition developed and tested by a team of scientists from the National Research Institute of Animal Production basing on the results of herbal extracts efficiency in preventing coccidiosis, KOKCIDIN met these requirements.
KOKCIDIN is a liquid product for feeding poultry and it is the answer to the problem of growing resistance of protozoa to coccidiostats and consumer expectations in terms of the quality of poultry meat and eggs. Being a prophylactic product composed from natural plant extracts, KOKCIDIN is safe and requires no withdrawal period.
Increased death rate and reduced weight gain significantly influence the reduction of economic profitability of poultry farming. KOKCIDIN containing phytogenic bacterial and coccidiostatic substances helps to achieve higher growth and better feed utilisation, thereby significantly improves the efficiency ratio of breeding and lowers the number of deaths. Liquid form ensures quick and easy technological integration of the product with animal feed and drinking water.