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SUPLEXAN HEPA is a composition of herbal extracts, carnitine, choline, betaine and magnesium. The product is intended to stimulate appetite and metabolism.SUPLEXAN HEPA regulates the function of the liver and pancreas, as well as accelerates detoxification and elimination of toxins from the body. The product is also recommended during periods of increased burden on the body, such as: fattening, lactation or change of diet.

SUPLEXAN® HEPA is suitable for all species and groups of livestock. It may be used at any time during production, requires no withdrawal period.

Magnesium sulphate, Sodium chloride, Monopropylene glycol, Glycerine
choline chloride
turmeric risine 
artichoke extract
silybum marianum extract

For use with drinking water or complete feed.
  • poultry: 1-2 l per 1 000 l of water for several days
  • pigs: 10 ml / head / day for several days 
  • sows: 30 ml / head / day for several days
  • calves: 20 ml / head / day for several days
  • cows: 40 ml / head / day for several days
  • rabbits: 1 ml per 2 l of water for several days

  • hepatobiliary disorders
  • giving feeds rich in protein and fat
  • fatty liver syndrome
  • antibiotic treatment
  • infections and intoxications
  • short lay period

SUPLEXAN® HEPA - product which effectively protects and supports the function of liver and pancreas. Through their detoxification, metabolic, filtration, storage and digestive functions, these organs largely determine the correct process of animals breeding and, hence, its profitability.
High content of turmeric extract improves the functioning of liver and pancreas through more efficient metabolism of carbohydrates and fats, as well as better absorption of proteins.
Due to content of artichoke and silybum marianum extracts, SUPLEXAN® HEPA enhances the  detoxifying function of the liver, promotes the removal of fat deposits and prevents the occurrence of inflammations of various origins. 
L-carnitine is essential due to its role in the transport of long chain fatty acids to mitochondria, which results in the energy required for the proper body cells function.
Supplementing the diet with choline and betaine is intended to avoid excessive fat deposits in liver that lead to fatty liver syndrome.

SUPLEXAN® HEPA should also be used during periods of feed ration change. Due to its properties, the product stimulates the secretion of bile, which results in increased appetite and feed utilization.

  • regulation of liver and pancreas functions
  • supporting liver during feeding with high-energy feed
  • mitigation of the effects of intoxication with feed, bacterial toxins and antibiotic treatment
  • supporting the fatty liver syndrome treatment
  • liver protection during high productivity
  • extension of the lay period
  • liquid form facilitates quick and easy incorporation to animal nutrition regardless of the age of animals
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