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SUPLEXAN Adek Premium

SUPLEXAN® ADEK PREMIUM - Kompozycja witamin A, D3, E, K - preparat uzupełniający dietę zwierząt w witaminy rozpuszczalne w tłuszczach

SUPLEXAN® ADEK Premium – product supplementing the animal diet with fat-soluble vitamins – A, D3, E, K. Particularly recommended for inducing natural resistance to diseases and supplementing the daily dose in young animals, for which these vitamins are essential for normal growth. The product is especially recommended in nutrition with complete feeds with a high proportion of fat, which depending on its quality, may adversely affect the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

Vitamin A (E672 - retinyl palmitate)                
Vitamin D3 (E671 - cholecalciferol)                
Vitamin E (3a700 - tocopherol)                 
Vitamin K                     
flavouring substance                         
Rosmarinus officinalis oil extract                 

For use with drinking water.
poultry: 1 l for each 5 000 l of water for several days
piglets: 1 l for each 6 000 l of water for several days 
sows and cows in perinatal period: 1 l for each 10 000 l of water for several days

  • growth inhibition
  • decreased immunity
  • prevention of rachitis, bone and joint deformations
  • low fertility and egg drop syndrome 
  • supplementation of diet in intensive breeding, based on the high energy diet, rich in polyunsaturated fats
  • particularly recommended for use during start-up period in poultry for best development of chicks
  • recommended for use in case of insufficient hardness of egg shells
  • recommended for use during antibiotic treatment and recovery after illness

SUPLEXAN® ADEK Premium – carefully selected vitamins content in the product allows for the correction of deficiencies with a small amount of product. The product is especially recommended for a large-scale production. Suitable in the period of increased demand for the fat-soluble vitamins, which especially support the development of young organisms. Provides the necessary dose of fat-soluble vitamins through drinking water. Due to its liquid form, the product ingredients are quickly absorbed by the animal's organism. This speeds up the organism's reaction to the given dose of vitamins. 
The composition of the preparation has a significant impact on the proper functioning of digestive, reproductive, cardiovascular and skeletal systems. The product is intended for all groups of animals, with a comprehensive scope of action: supports the reproductive system (ensures proper functioning of gonads), supports growth and proper development of skeleton and muscles, prevents rachitis, supports the growth. Moreover, it regulates the levels of calcium and phosphorus, positively affects egg shells development process in poultry, increases the muscle mass gain, as well as improves the overall immunity of the organism. Helps to maintain the integrity of the mucous membranes, thus positively affects homeostasis of the gastrointestinal tract. Prevents exudative diathesis in poultry. Recommended in recovery and in the course of treatment and during the coccidiostatic programme in poultry. Protects the correct vision functions. 

  • insures a good start for young animals
  • positively affects functioning of reproductive, digestive, cardiovascular (clotting), muscular (prevents muscular dystrophy muscle and cachexy) and skeletal systems 
  • prevents avitaminosis in embryos and then in chicks
  • stimulates the immune system function – improves resistance
  • reduces the level of deaths of young animals
  • increases the hardness of egg shells
  • improves the production parameters performance
  • prevents nyctalopia in poultry, pterophagia, cannibalism 
  • reduces the effects of food poisoning
  • liquid form ensures quick and easy technological integration of the product with animal feed


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