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SUPLEXAN® AntyStres - Preparat podnoszący odporność  organizmu na wszelkiego rodzaju obciążenia jak stres cieplny, transport, zmiana paszy
SUPLEXAN® ANTIStress is a product which increases resistance to any kind of burden, such as heat stress, transport, changing the feed. Due to its properties, the product is especially recommended during treatment and recovery of animals. Osmoregulator and electrolytes used in the product reduce the negative effects of dehydration. Contains zinc chelate.

SUPLEXAN® ANTIStress is intended for all species and production groups of livestock used for the production of food.  It may be used at any time during production, requires no withdrawal period.

Sodium chloride, potassium chloride
Vitamin C (E300 ascorbic acid)            
Zinc Zn (E6 zinc chelate)            

For use with drinking water.
  • poultry: 1 l for each 2 000 l of water for 3-7 days; during heat stress 2 l for each 1 500 l of water for 2-3 days
  • swine: 1 l for each 2 000 l of water for 3-7 days
  • nursing sows: 1 l for each 2 000 l of water for 3-7 days
  • calves: 1 l for each 2 000 l of water for 3-7 days 

  • during heat waves to restore the fluid and electrolyte balance
  • during stress for protection against deaths
  • as protection during transport
  • in diarrhoea
  • to enhance the resistance to infections
  • in heat waves, in order to inhibit the decrease in feed intake
  • to improve iron intake and blood clotting
  • when the feed is contaminated with mycotoxins
  • during antibiotic treatment and recovery after illness
  • to improve the quality of sperm and egg shell hardness
SUPLEXAN® ANTIStress contains betaine – an osmoregulator, biopolar electrolyte, which affects the process of water transportation. It promotes water stability and functioning of intestines. During stress, especially heat stress, the biosynthesis of Vitamin C is reduced, therefore it is necessary to supplement it. The product increases the resistance of birds to high temperatures, which significantly reduces the number of falls and increased water and feed consumption. In addition, Vitamin C helps to reduce the harmful effects of heavy metals. It improves the quality and quantity of sperm, and has a positive effect on egg yield, hatchability and egg shell hardness.
The preparation provides free methyl groups necessary in, for example the mycotoxins methylation process. Methylation of toxins causes, that the organism identifies them as harmful and may remove them from the body. Furthermore, free methyl groups are used in many biochemical processes in the body, including in the production of carnitine, which is necessary for the release of energy from fatty acids; the conversion of homocysteine to methionine and the utilization and the synthesis of neurotransmitters. Free methyl groups are also needed in hormonal regulation as they reduce inflammation. In stressful situations, regardless of the cause of stress, the body's demand for free methyl groups increases rapidly.

  • reduces the number of falls
  • reduces the effects of stress
  • increases feed utilisation and daily weight gains
  • rehydrates the body of the animal and replenishes the electrolyte level 
  • improves fat metabolism, reduces the risk of fatty liver 
  • increases conservation of methionine
  • reduces energy losses
  • improves the quality of carcasses, increases muscle mass
  • increases the hardness of egg shells
  • enhances proper composition and function of the bone tissue
  • ensures drier liter
  • liquid form ensures quick and easy technological integration of the product with animal feed


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