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SUPLEXAN® Vigor - Preparat opracowany z myślą o zapobieganiu dystrofii mięśniowej u młodych zwierząt oraz o wzmocnieniu statusu immunologicznego i odporności na stres oksydacyjny
SUPLEXAN® VIGOR - a composition of Vitamin E, selenium and methionine. Preparation developed for the prevention of muscular dystrophy in young animals and enhancement of the immune status and resistance to oxidative stress. It is also essential in the prevention of fertility disorders. The product is intended to supplement the content of the limiting indispensable methionine amino acid.

SUPLEXAN® VIGOR is intended for use in all species and production groups of livestock used for food production, with a particular focus on very young animals. It may be used at any time during production, requires no withdrawal period.

Monopropylene glycol, sodium bicarbonate
Vitamin E (3a700 - ?-tocopherol)                
Selenium (E8 - sodium selenite)                 
hydroxy-analogue of methionine (3c307)             
flavouring substance
Rosmarinus officinalis oil extract 

For use with drinking water.
  • poultry: 1-2 l for each 10 000 l of water for 7 days
  • swine: 1 l for each 2 000 l of water for 7 days
  • sows: 1 l for each 4 000 l of water for 7 days
  • calves: 1 l for each 5 000 l of water for 7 days in the weaning period
  • cows in perinatal period: 1 l for each 4 000 l of water for 7 days before calving and 14 days after calving

  • fertility disorders 
  • preventing Vitamin E and selenium deficiencies 
  • gastrointestinal muscular dystrophy, called white muscle disease
  • susceptibility to infections
  • cardiovascular prevention

SUPLEXAN® VIGOR - vitamin E and selenium contained in the product complement each other but act independently as antioxidants, protecting cells against the harmful effects of oxidized fatty acids and free radicals. 
Tissues and cells with particularly rapid oxidative metabolism, such as muscles (skeletal, heart and respiratory muscles) and blood cells (erythrocytes, lymphocytes, phagocytes) are particularly vulnerable to damage in case of a deficiency of one or both of these components. Therefore, young animals, receiving insufficient amount of these components in the diet, are weak and have no vigour. Deficiency of these two components promotes immunosuppression, which results in the greater susceptibility of animals to any infections, especially in cows, to mastitis and metritis. Also the number of cases of retained placenta and ovarian cysts is correlated with the content of Vitamin E and selenium in a daily dose. Additional supplementation of the diet with these ingredients in the perinatal period, both in sows and cows, significantly improves the condition of the newborn offspring and health of mothers. 
Enrichment of the product with methionine improves the production factors: stimulates better feed utilization, ensures faster muscle growth and improves milk production.

  • positively affects fertility and reproduction
  • reduces the risk of nutritional muscular dystrophy in young animals
  • improves vigour in young animals, 
  • reduces the number of deaths of young animals
  • stimulates the immune system function
  • improves growth and feed utilization
  • reduces the amount of nitrogen excreted into the environment
  • reduces the risk of ovarian cysts development
  • reduces the number of incidents of retained placenta
  • reduces the frequency of mastitis and endometritis occurrence


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