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  • SUPLEXAN Intro

    SUPLEXAN® INTRO - is a product which is a combination of vitamins, herbal extracts, and lysine and sodium butyrate. The product is intended to stimulate the growth and development of the gastrointestinal tract in young animals.

  • SUPLEXAN Biotin

    SUPLEXAN® BIOTIN - is a mixture rich in biotin, zinc and lysine, which induce proper development of skin and its products - feathers and hooves. It is suitable for all species and groups of poultry and swine production.

  • SUPLEXAN Allium

    SUPLEXAN Allium® – is a product containing garlic oil with pure allicin. Due to this type of essential oil, one litre of Suplexan Allium corresponds to 3 kg of fresh garlic and 5 kg of dried garlic. The product is recommended to support the organism immune system and regulate the functions of the digestive and cardiovascular system.


    SUPLEXAN REN - is a strong product enhancing kidneys function and increasing the production of urine. Due to the content of carefully selected herbal extracts and amino acids, it is recommended in the prevention of gout, inflammation of the urinary tract, as well as a product used to accelerate restoration of homeostasis after antibiotic treatment.

  • SUPLEXAN Karni

    SUPLEXAN KARNI - is a natural product to increase feed consumption to ensure adequate production yield in each period of rearing. The product is a combination of sweeteners to improve appetite, magnesium and carnitine which enhance fat, carbohydrate and protein metabolism. SUPLEXAN KARNI should be used in both slaughter and reproductive breeding.


    ACIDIN - is a concentrated acidifying formulation containing mixtures of the most beneficial acids - formic acid, phosphoric acid, citric acid and lactic acid. It is used to limit the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria through acidification of the gastrointestinal tract. ACIDIN is also recommended for cleaning and disinfection of the watering systems.


    SUPLEXAN® HEPA is a composition of herbal extracts, carnitine, choline, betaine and magnesium. The product is intended to stimulate appetite and metabolism. SUPLEXAN® HEPA regulates the function of the liver and pancreas, as well as accelerates detoxification and elimination of toxins from the body. The product is also recommended during periods of increased burden on the body, such as: fattening, lactation or change of diet.

  • SUPLEXAN Vigor

    SUPLEXAN® VIGOR - a composition of Vitamin E, selenium and methionine. Preparation developed for the prevention of muscular dystrophy in young animals and enhancement of the immune status and resistance to oxidative stress. It is also essential in the prevention of fertility disorders. The product is intended to supplement the content of the limiting indispensable methionine amino acid.

  • SUPLEXAN Adek Premium

    SUPLEXAN® ADEK Premium – product supplementing the animal diet with fat-soluble vitamins – A, D3, E, K. Particularly recommended for inducing natural resistance to diseases and supplementing the daily dose in young animals, for which these vitamins are essential for normal growth. The product is especially recommended in nutrition with complete feeds with a high proportion of fat, which depending on its quality, may adversely affect the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins.

  • SUPLEXAN B Complex

    SUPLEXAN® B Complex is a product containing water-soluble vitamins: B group Vitamins, Vitamin C and betaine. Carefully selected composition of ingredients positively affects proper functioning of animal organisms at the cellular level. By improving metabolic conversions, but also more efficient absorption of amino acids, it increases the productivity of livestock. The best effects of using SUPLEXAN B® Complex in animal feeding is observed when used as a preventive measure.

  • SUPLEXAN AntiStress

    SUPLEXAN® ANTIStress is a product which increases resistance to any kind of burden, such as heat stress, transport, changing the feed. Due to its properties, the product is especially recommended during treatment and recovery of animals. Osmoregulator and electrolytes used in the product reduce the negative effects of dehydration. Contains zinc chelate.